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effectlauncher was founded i 2014 by Kenneth Petersen, Ove Lindbjerg and Rolf Bonde Petersen. We have many years of experience with optimizing processes and change management from companies like Arla Foods, Tulip, Danish Crown and Mars Inc. and use this experience today to help other businesses to increase their productivity and joy at work.

Some of the classic challenges we see are:

  • Lack of overview of processes and projects
  • Unclear roles and responsibilities in the organization
  • Scattered and unstructured storage of documents and other information complicates effective information sharing
  • Too much experience and specific knowledge about the projects disappear when employees leave the company

Our philosophy is to make a complex workday as simple as possible by:

  • Creating overview and structure across and within projects
  • Defining clear roles and responsibilities
  • Facilitating daily operation of projects with automatic update on progress and information sharing
  • Create a common platform for gathering and sharing experience and knowledge to the benefit of the whole company
What we offer

Many of the issues that businesses experience in relation to their projects can be reduced or eliminated entirely with the introduction of a project management tool. However many of the tools for project management are developed by engineers for engineers. This means that they are often quite complicated and requires a high level of IT knowledge from the users. The consequence being that the tool is not put into practical use and thereby not adding value to the company. 
effectlauncher offers a process and project management tool developed by users in cooperation with highly skilled software developers. The developers have translated the users needs for simple but effective project facilitation into a extremely user-friendly solution.

Backup and data security

Data security is of the highest priority to us. Therefore effectlauncher and all effectlauncher’s data is stored with Microsoft Azure. This guarantees the security of our client data. In addition we do an extra backup of all data at least once a day. You can read more about Microsofts Azure’s security certificates here.

Where are effectlauncher based?

We have offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen in Denmark, but we deliver solutions to companies all over the world.