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effectlauncher provides great overview of your projects and activities.


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Dashboard provides an overview of your project management - effectlauncher

Dashboard icon - effectlauncher DASHBOARD

The dashboard provides a quick overview of the status of the projects and tasks in which the specific user is involved.
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The project list contains all previous and existing projects - effectlauncher

Project list icon - effectlauncher PROJECT LIST

The project list provides a great overview of all projects  with convenient filtration that allows you to shape the list anyway you like it.
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Project pipeline provides a visual view of the project management - effectlauncher

Project pipeline icon - effectlauncher PROJECT PIPELINE

The pipeline overview gives a great visual represenation of your project pipeline. The colour-coding reveals the status of the individual projects. It is possible to filter the pipeline view according to criteria of your choice, and you can drill-down into the individual projects to monitor the progress of each activity.
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Project plan provides overview over fases and activities - effectlauncher

Project plan icon - effectlauncher PROJECT PLAN

The dynamic gantt chart lets you drill down into the specific phases and tasks. The colour-coding makes it easy to decode the status of the individual tasks and hence the progress of the project. It is simple to update the timing of the individual activities via drag and drop as well as adding and deleting activities.
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Control staffing of projects - effectlauncher

Project team overview icon - effectlauncher PROJECT TEAM OVERVIEW

The team view provides a quick overview of the project team and overall resource allocation projects. It is easy to filter the overview based on project partipants, project routes, projects and roles.