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effectlauncher allows You share updated documents and emails across the project team and hence secure that everyone has access to the information they need when they need it.


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Document management: All documents in a specific project are collected in the project library - effectlauncher

Project library icon - effectlauncher PROJECT LIBRARY

The project library is an overview of the documents attached to the specific project.
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Document management: A library that contains all documents uploaded to the effectlauncher platform - effectlauncher

Document library icon - effectlauncher DOCUMENT LIBRARY

The document library contains all documents that are uploaded to the effectlauncher.  Convenient tagging and a search feature facilitates easy retrieval of the documents.


Document management: Attach documents and emails to individual projects - effectlauncher

Document and email attachment icon - effectlauncher ATTACH DOCUMENTS & EMAILS

Documents and emails can easily be attached to individual projects or tasks for downloading and editing securing the project teams easy access to the latest versions of the documents at all time.
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