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effectlauncher helps you structure your projects and provides overview of your projects and activities.


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Build your own standard project routes - effectlauncher

Standard project routes icon - effectlauncher PROJECT ROUTES

It is easy to build various project routes with pre-defined workflows, timing and allocation of roles & responsibilities. Different routes can be build for different types of projects. This enables quick and convenient initiation of new projects. The project plan is automatically calculated and project roles automatically communicated.
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Include all information about who, how, what and where in task desciption - effectlauncher

Task desciption icon - effectlauncher TASK DESCRIPTIONS

Each task description includes what has to be done, when, who is responsible, who will be informed and who must approve the task. It is possible to link documents and e-mails to the individual tasks for smooth editing giving the project team direct access to the latest versions of the documents at all time.
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